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The 7th China indoor heating and heat pump the imminent opening exhibition

Hc360.com: hvac refrigeration network - 7th China (Shanghai) international indoor heating system, heat pump and ventilation equipment exhibition


The 7th China (Shanghai) international building energy efficiency and new building materials exhibition

The 13th Shanghai international villa facilities exposition

Open time: 2011 August 17-20

Exhibition location: Shanghai new international expo center (longyang road 2345 date)

Exhibition scale: 40,000 square meters

Organizer: Shanghai building materials industry association of Shanghai world expo group of modern international exhibition Co., LTD

Support units: Shanghai urban construction and transportation committee of Shanghai world expo (group) Co., LTD

Official website:

Shanghai expo. Sbmia building information net org. Cn j

Exhibition profile:

After the recent development and market development, originally only north and the sea personage known until hvac products has more and more be east China market recognized and accepted as the north south and international brand influx of brand, hvac product the increasingly fierce competition. Meanwhile energy-saving and environment-friendly solar energy, heat pump and so on the new energy to join also make hvac product converting energy consumption type products from low carbon type, comfortable model heating, to advocate quality and environmental protection market brought new opportunities.

The 7th China (Shanghai) international indoor heating system, heat pump and ventilation equipment exhibition by the Shanghai building materials industry association, Shanghai world expo group of modern international exhibition Co., LTD. Jointly hosted, &housewares "7th China (Shanghai) international building energy efficiency and new building materials exhibition", "the 13th Shanghai international villa facilities exposition" is the only nationwide, influence, international large-scale exhibitions with building a one-stop services primarily. The exhibition area was nearly 4 million square meters, open 3 museum, indoor heating system, displaying nowadays most library potential heating system, heat pump and ventilation system of the new product. Successive exhibition the domestic and international famous brands gathered: power, Bosch, heated monitoring.throughfall, the baxi,, ponapean orochi, mann rhett, GF, Owen top, honeywell, Germany rehau, wei star tube WeiJia, aerospace, shu room, Thai wins, AnGu, LG pipes, according to ramah, danfoss, tyco thermal controls, ITO pd, generation of male beauty, DST, John branch, Eddie then, bo corporate governance, Bess yuan, vine, new cylons, ican, HaiLin, rifeng, bobby dragon, yuan for graduate programs, warmever science &technology Co., three bowls, Anton, etc. The exhibition through international exhibition organizers authentication (UFI), association of China only through this association become authentication building materials exhibition. Overseas exhibitors were from the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Japan, Korea, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia and China Taiwan, Hong Kong and so on more than 30 countries and regions, roll out tens of thousands of exhibits and thousands of an investment, technology, property projects, and published foreign investment projects, the introduction of risk investment funds, for foreign and domestic customers exchanges, trade and investment negotiations.

Shanghai world expo has come to an end, after the 2010 world expo era. In countries develop and energy conservation and emissions reduction of world expo by use of new technology, new product of rapid industrialization at the same time, the state of real estate macro-control, accelerate heating equipment, solar energy, the popularization and application of new energy equipment. The exhibition will also step must this opportunity, for hvac industry has brought a new round of development.

Heating technology, equipment and auxiliary materials:

Boiler and heat source products: gas boiler, electric heating boiler, wall-hang boiler, water heater burning gas, heat exchangers, points (sets) water vessels and accessories, radiator; Solar water heater with building integrated technology; Heater, heating furnace, fireplace, burner and burning device.

The ground heating and supporting materials:

Electrothermal, heating cables, carbon crystal materials, electrothermal board and carbon fiber heating heating new heating products;

Supporting material:

PE - Xa, PE - Xb, PE - Xc, PE - RT, PB, etc of low temperature hot water floor radiant heating quality pipes, copper aluminum stainless steel, plumbing equipment; Special floor board, radiation and brick, insulating layer, reflective film, polyethylene benzene board, card nailing materials; The valve and pipe fittings, thermostat, heat metering, circulating pump control products; Warm cleaning, cement foam construction maintenance machinery, tools and materials, water treatment technology equipment;

Heat pump, air conditioning and indoor ventilation technology:

Heat pump water heater units: the ground source heat pump, air source heat pump, water pump, heat pump water heater, heat pump water heater units, energy storage type electric heating equipment, hot water and heat exchange equipment

Ventilation: central ventilation system, fresh air ventilation equipment, air treatment equipment, etc

Water treatment equipment: household/commercial pure water machine, water dispensers, cooler, water filters, water softener equipment

Solar system and building energy integration system, automatic operation control equipment, etc.

Exhibition promotion:

Should pay more attention to show its effectiveness

The organizers will professional audience organizations and media publicity as focus, and invite the provinces and cities in the construction system, industrial associations, developers, real estate, engineering design institutions, public municipal construction system, project supervision, scientific research institutes, new technological development and application unit, construction group, decoration engineering company, real estate management system, agents, suppliers, manufacturers and other major chief attendance. Take measures to actual fruitful exhibiting companies build communication and cooperation platform, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enhances the enterprise market competitiveness; Meanwhile, through a series of propaganda activities closely and orderly, ensure best attention at home and abroad show caused.

A comprehensive three-dimensional promotion exhibition

through television, newspapers, network media, mobile media, building materials sells billboards, radio in the national and international range promotion this exhibition, invite hvac, new energy and related fields professionals visit exhibition;

Issued by the of 500,000 visiting tickets and tens of thousands of invitation co-organiser by organizers unique network and related media directly send it to industry insiders;

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