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Foreign valve industry development status and technical features

The valve oil, chemical, power stations, long-distance pipelines, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, various cryogenic engineering, aerospace and Marine national economic sectors such as oil indispensable fluid control not ready. The above the development of industry and needs, promoted the development of the valve industry. In recent years, in all its aspects of the new requirements of high parameters of valve, meanwhile, the structure, material and production process etc on how to do better, improve performance, can * sex and reduce cost shall also close attention.

Valve is a complex, involving categories, enormous quantity wide variety of products, and its quality stand or fall, technical level directly affect the development of the national economy each department. Therefore, the strict control valve inner quality. Some valve need to get international authority approbate, to open the sale. For example, some power engineering valve, nuclear power valve to get ASME (American mechanical engineering association) approval mark can someone buying. ASME has currently use the "N", "Nv", "NPT" five markers. Oil industry with valve to get the American petroleum institute API mark, can open up an outlet.

A, foreign valve industry status

With the large industrial foreign class and the rapid development of the production, the valve industry has developed very fast. About in the 1950s, many countries before it formed a independent valve professional and industry system, there is a valve industry organizations or valve professional academic organization. For example: two to Europe, America, UK and other have valve industry association; Japan has valve industry will and valve seminar; Move Europe and the former Soviet union have valve. Design research institutes. These valve industry and professional organizations, is all in order to increase the production technology and the need of foreign competition organized. Several major industrialized countries now valve industry constitution as follows.

1 the valve industry worker in 1990 the number (for example)

The United States has worker 77500 people, including workers 70%, technology and management personnel accounts for 30%; British 80,000 people; Germany 52500 people; Japan 35,000 people; Italian l5000 people; France 11519 people.

2 valve manufacturing enterprise total

The United States, the biggest companies 900 number of 3,500 people; Japan, the maximum number of home 1507 enterprises; 900 people Germany, the largest number of 450 enterprises; 3,300 people British 490 home, the biggest enterprise toll 1,100 people; France's 400, the biggest enterprise toll 1,000 people;

Therefore, the valve manufacturing enterprise, the largest number of Japan is the largest number of employees is the United States. Japan valve industry worker only the United States, and one half of the total enterprises nearly twice the United States. In comparison with America, Japan valve industry, small and medium-sized preponderate bigger enterprise about 250. In the 1980s, countries since the valve industry have small number of staff and workers with degree of reduced and reduced the margin is France, most people from the 1980s 21,000 people reduced to 80 of the end of 1l519 (1988).

3 valve output (for example) in 1990

American 107.4 billion dollars

Germany 79.58 billion German marks

Japan 4841.43 billion yen

Method about 61.00 billion francs graph (1987)

British 6.01 billion pounds (1986)

4 valve international trade

International valve trade market in recent years very active and competition is pretty intense. Forces strong is Germany and the United States. Germany is the world's largest exporter of the valve. In 1985, meaning the valve trade more than the United States who, in second place.

In 1987, the valve total heritage developed countries into exports accounted for by l6.5 22.2%, Italian, German, Japan, the United States 10.9% % l0.7 %, France 9.7%. In 1985, the world's top eight valve import and export trade between ranking as follows: Germany, Italy 2739.8 million German mark 2l27. Five million people the German mark, American 1833 i. million German mark, Japan 1683.5 million German mark, France, Britain 1545.7 million German mark l376.7 million German marks.

Second, foreign valve industry technology level

1 complete level

20 years, with the large foreign complete set technology of development, appeared in a series of new equipment and single. And new equipment related valve is the characteristics of development of large scale, high parameter, high-performance automation and specialized.

Refining equipment:'s largest refiner 3640 million t/year (Caribbean virgin islands), 30 million t/year (venezuela). Now 20 million t/years refinery has nearly thirty.

Maximum unit of the refining units processing power: often pressure-relief device 24 million t/year, 824 million catalytic cracking unit, reforming unit in t/t/year, 258 million hydrocracking equipment 320 million t/year.

Oil, gas long distance pipeline equipment: in recent years, long distance pipeline is developing very quickly. The main reason is cost low, railway transportation, only the equivalent of 1/3; 2 it is buried in the underground, is not easy to destruction; Three is pipeline construction speed and economic investment.

4830km (Iranian pipeline longest 4665 (Km) and the former Soviet union, friendship line). The longest 4578km (U.S. oil pipeline transport, Houston to New York).

The longest gas transmission pipeline from Alaska 7680km (by Canada to the western United States).

Biggest pipeline diameter 1620 and proposed 2500.

Maximum pressure pipeline transfer for 9 ~ 12MPa.

Synthetic ammonia equipment: the biggest 54 million t/year and 50 million t/year.

Ethylene equipment: maximum capacity of 50 million t/year to 80 million t/year.

Power generation equipment maximum unit capacity: multi-axial l30 million kw (thermal power unit, Swiss made), United States

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