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Make China's valve manufacturing walking in the world

The valve industry in the development of national economy, as an important part of the preparation manufacturing, play a very important role. Because China's domestic valve manufacturing level compared with the international advanced level, many are still a certain gap between high parameter, high temperature and high pressure, high pounds key valve original level has been dependence on imports, in order to urge the valve in the state council, the nationalization of the issued on speeding up the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, some opinions on the relevant departments of the state after a major equipment according to the country of home-made requirements, has made a series of major arrangements, and led by the national development and reform commission, China machinery industry federation and China general machinery industry association together, deploy developed related fields of major equipment valve and repeatedly home-manufactured coordination with related departments in China, now the valve localization consensus has emerged among valve industry.

After 20 years of research, especially in recent years design, manufacture and users of the joint effort, combined joint tackling, already effectiveness. In "west-east gas transmission" "water", "three gorges water conservancy hub" 1000mw nuclear power units, millions of tons of ethylene renovation project, supercritical and ultra-supercritica thermal power unit, oil and gas pipeline, coal chemical industry and large ships, urban sewage treatment, and other major engineering equipment projects and nuclear power, petrochemical, metallurgical, power plant, etc, with the exception of a few high parameter relief valve and regulator need importation, realizing the nationalization of the valve, which changes the major equipment is subject to foreign key valve long situation. And in the short term as far as possible for major projects and key valve realize, or some of the localization of localization in China, realize that led the world valve manufacturing.

Starting from scratch accelerate the pace of China valve valve localization, has always been the nationalization of motorists. Initially, and localized in advocating the valve is not bon voyage, also meet layers of resistance, more is arguing. After older nuclear experts and valve industry research and scientific research departments part coordination with domestic, resolute, with domestic, in localization aspects for the country to play outside, save foreign exchange.

China's valve localization were nothing, starting from scratch, and from nuclear power plants and nuclear chemical and petrochemical equipment began in the 1980s on homemade rock-hard the first 60 million nuclear power units on key projects related to engineering, then in make qinshan nuclear, ningbo valve factory as the nuclear programs of home-made pipe valves for valve localization pilot enterprises, made a contribution. After the reform and opening China has increased the strength, with localized valve valve industry manufacturing technology level increases, many enterprises adopted advanced resin sand casting off box model line production blank, the chemical composition of castings by direct reading spectrometer to quickly analyze, use cobalt 60 on castings gamma rays for defect detection; Forging using tire die forging and trap such advanced process forging. In the 21st century, the valve localization, the faster the great project home-made performance.

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